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  • AGFA CR 25.0 CR System

    The small AGFA CR 25.0 footprint allows it to be placed easily at any location. Designed with ease of use in mind, it requires only a standard wall-outlet. Broad range of applications: The AGFA CR25 is a highly versatile CR Unit. It offers an ideal solution for any decentralized Computed Radiography environment. AGFA CR 25 can handle General Radiology, Orthopedics, Dental and Pediatric applications. The AGFA CR25 CR System is also a perfect complement to existing centralized CR systems. Full data The CR 25.0 reads imaging plates at a standard resolution of 6 pixels/mm. 10 pixels/mm high resolution capability is available for all image plate sizes. 20 pixels/mm resolution will be available for dedicated 18 x 24 cm and 24 x 30 cm mammography and extremities cassettes and plates.

    • 2 CASSETES


    Precio F.O.B.  San Diego CA.

    $ 2,900 Dlls.

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    2009 Fuji FCR GO Portable Digital X-Ray System  Model: FCR-MB 101 DOM: 2009

    • Computed Radiography Model
    • CR-IR 358RU
    • X-Ray Collimator Type: ZU-L3SA
    • X-Ray Tank Unit Type M-5CE-30
    • X-Ray Tube Type: R-5CE-30
    • Digital * Built-In CR Reader
    • Touch Pad Electronic Controls
    • Dynamic Visualization
    • Manual Collimator
    • Rotating Vertical Column
    • Telescopic Tube Arm
    • Hand Switch
    • Cassette Drawer
    • Cassettes: (1) 10×12, (2) 14×17  Electromechanical Brakes

    Price F.O.B. San Diego CA

    $7,700.00 Dlls

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  • FujiFilm DryPix 5000 Laser Imager


     With the addition of DryPix 5000 to the DryPix family of dry imagers Fujifilm has provided a worthy successor to the DryPix FM-DP L. The DryPix 5000 is the ideal imager for centralized imaging departments or multi-slice CT applications needing the flexibility of 110-volt power. The backup security, unrivalled image quality, networkability and lowest cost of ownership make the DryPix 5000 an exciting new addition to the DryPix family.

    DryPix 5000 has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for use with Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) devices. Offering high (50-micron) resolution and (3.60) maximum density capability, the DryPix 5000 imager with DI-ML film ensures the highest quality images demanded by FFDM. Further, DryPix 5000 has been tested and validated by FFDM pre-market application (PMA) holders GE Healthcare and Lorad a Hologic company.


    Up to 240 films/hour

    (180 14″x17″ films/hour)

    Time to first film
    65 seconds (14″x17″ film)


    Mammography and X Ray Software

    DICOM Connectivity
    Verification SOP Class
    Basic Gray Scale Print Management

    Meta SOP Class (SCP)
    Print Job SOP Class (SCP)
    Annotation SOP Class
    Queue Management SOP Class

    Film Drawers
    Up to 3

    Printing Resolution
    100 microns / 50 microns (selectable)

    Power Requirements
    100-120 VAC 12 A


    3 Months

    Price include importation fees

    $4,200 Dlls

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  • GE AMX IV Refurbished

    GE AMX IV Refurbished


    MX-75 275k HU X-ray tube with a  .75mm focal spot

    GE AMX-IV collimator

    High-quality image

    Forward and reverse variable speed

    Completely mobil

    Operates at full power with no  power connection

    24 kVp stations, 30 mAs stations

    100 mA constant, kVp 50 – 125

    mAs 0.4 – 320

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  • GE Brightspeed 16 Slice CT Scanner

    • Manufactured: 2006
    • Tube Type: Performix
    • Tube Installed: June 2018
    • Current Tube mAs: 5 million mAs
    • Very low used tube


    SmartPrep, Power440, 3000 Image Series, Direct-3D, Smart Speed, Helical Tilt, AutomA, 90kva, Direct-MPR, DataExport, copyComposer, VolumeViewer, AutoBone, CTPerfusion4Neuro, Connect Pro.

    Precio Incluye:

    Transporte a San Diego Ca.

    Embalaje del Equipo.

    Visita Preliminar para Instalación.

    Guías Mecánicas.

    Instalación del Equipo.

    Transporte de Tijuana a Destino


    Garantía de 30 días.

    Aranceles de Importación e Impuestos no están incluidos en el precio.

    Precio de la Tomografía F.O.B. San Diego CA.

    $ 115,000 Dlls.

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  • GE LOGIQ 7 LCD 2006

    Touch-screen interface – Power Doppler Imaging – M-Mode – High-resolution monitor, Hard drive storage – Digital Beamformer – Color Flow Mode (CFM) – Coded Harmonic

    Imaging – B-Mode – 3D-Mode – DICOM.

    • Convex probe  1.5-4.5 MHz
    • Transvaginal probe  3.5 – 11.5Mhz
    • Linear probe   4 – 11 MHz.
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  • GE LOGIQ 9 LDC 2007 with 3D/4D

    17″ high-resolution, monitor 10.4″ color LCD touch screen, Four active probe ports Integrated hard-drive, CD-R Drive, MO drive, Speakers and microphone, Cable management system, Integrated gel warmer,B-Flow, Coded Harmonics, Harmonic Angio, Anatomical M-Mode, Spectral Wave Doppler 3D/4D OPTION INCLUDED


    • Convex probe Frequency 1.5-4.5 MHz
    • Transvaginal probe Frequency 3.5 11.5Mhz
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  • GE Proteus X Ray 2012

    The Proteus XR/a is a full-featured radiography system designed to address nearly any clinical need. As a general purpose radiographic system, the Proteus XR/a offers broad clinical flexibility, excellent  image quality, dose efficiency, ease of use, and outstanding reliability, all at an affordable price.

    • Elevating, 4-Way Float Table
    • Front and Rear Positioning Pedal Controls with Safety Lock
    • Anti-Collision Sensor with Alarm
    • LCD Color High Resolution Touch Screen
    • Jedi Self-Calibrating Generator
    • Three Phase
    • Anatomical programming
    • Auto Collimators: Inboard Bridge with Proteus OTS (Overhead Tube Support),
    • Proteus Wall Stand with AEC (Auto Exposure Control)
    • 80 kW High Frequency Generator
    • 150 kVA
    • 100 Amp Max
    • 125 kV
    • 600 mA
    • Multi-size cassettes
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    Full Digital Mammography. with RWS – Review Workstation and ICAD

    LowNoise Detectors and High DQE; Single-Phase High Frequency; 22-49 kV Range; mAs Range 4-600; Automatic Exposure Detector; Parameters Control @ kVp, Track, Filter and mAs. Digital Detector type aSi – Csi; Imaging Area 19.2 cm x 23 cm; Acquisition Computer Sun Ultra 10; 21” Monitor; 20gB Hard Disk Capacity; DICOM (Print, STRG, Commit, Query – Retrieve, Modality Worklist) Molybdenum and Rhodium Rotating; Focal Spots 0.15 and 0.3; AutoCollimation; Flat Panel 19.2cm X 23cm Digital; Electromagnetic Locks; 66cm SID; Radiation Shield; Manual and Motorized Compression with Programmable Speed. Complete set of compression paddles, magnification platform and patient ID.


    Composed of 1 Gantry, 1 Generator / Conditioner Cabinet, 1 Small Control Console, Glass Shield, 1 AWS Station with Monitor, Manuals, Magnification and Spot Paddle and 2 Regular Compression Paddles.


    Precio F.O.B San Diego Ca.

    $ 15,500 Dlls


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  • GE VIVID e9 XD CLEAR Ultrasound

    GE Vivid e9 XDClear Ultrasound

    Vivid E9 is GE Healthcare’s first cardiovascular ultrasound system built specifically for 4D imaging from ergonomics to image acquisition to data management.

    17” LCD Monitor XDClear

    Color Doppler CW/PW Doppler

    M-Mode Angio

    4D Cardiac HW installed

    Advanced 4D User tool box

    Polarized Stereo, Advanced QScan Imaging

    AFI – Automated Function Imaging

    IMT – Intima Media Thickness

    Scan Assist Pro

    LVO contrast

    Vascular Contrast

    DICOM Connectivity Package

    Stress Package

    4D LV Mass

    4D Strain

    2D Auto EF

    4V Enabled

    4D MV Assessment


    • M5S-D Cardiac Sector XD Clear (NEW)
    • 1.5 – 4.5 MHz

    PDF   PDF VIVID-E9-XD-Clear


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  • LOGIQ 9 LDC 2007

    LOGIQ 9 LDC 2007 with 17″ high-resolution, monitor 10.4″ color LCD touch screen, Four active probe ports, Integrated hard-drive, CD-R Drive, MO drive, Speakers and microphone, Cable management system, Integrated gel warmer,B-Flow, Coded Harmonics, Harmonic Angio, Anatomical M-Mode, Spectral Wave Doppler.


    • Convex probe Frequency 1.5-4.5 MHz
    • Transvaginal probe Frequency  3.5 – 11.5Mhz
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  • Planmeca ProMax® 2D X-ray


    Planmeca ProMax®  2D X-rayunit provides a wide range of extraoral imaging modalities:

    • panoramic imaging for dental arch
    • maxillary sinus imaging
    • temporomandibular joint imaging
    • 2D linear tomography
    • cephalometry

    Revolutionary technology

    The Planmeca ProMax® platform uses robotic SCARA technology to provide

    utterly precise arm movements needed in digital rotational radiography

    for maxillofacial imaging. The three-axis SCARA robot arm moves freely without

    any mechanical restrictions, offering superior imaging capabilities for both

    existing and future technologies.

    Easy upgrades

    An existing digital Planmeca ProMax can be easily upgraded to 3D unit and new

    imaging programs can be added with software upgrades ensuring superior

    maxillofacial radiographs every time and complying with future imaging needs.

    Precio del equipo F.O.B. San Diego CA.

    $ 7,500 Dlls

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