Our Mission

Provide affordable quality medical equipment and services for the medical industry throughout Mexico and Latin America.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be recognized as a friendly, knowledgeable and responsible team to deliver the best sales, after-sales support and distribution of Medical Equipment within Latin America.

Our Customers

Our clients include clinical services from Private Practice Clinics, Stand-Alone Health Centers, Biomedical Engineers, Specialty Centers, Radiology Centers, Cardiac and Cardio-Vascular Centers and Hospitals. We partner with an extensive network of suppliers and service companies to locate, import and deliver any equipment or part to your needed location.

Our Services

Experience and success allow us to provide maintenance and repair, storage, cosmetic restoration, Preventive Maintenance, packaging, shipping and transportation throughout Mexico, Central and South America. We coordinate the importation and logistics of shipping and delivery. Our network of specialty engineers allow us to provide installations and technical support.