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Product Description

ACUSON Antares™ ultrasound system, premium edition is a complete ultrasound solution, able to perform numerous exam types on any patient. Offering general imaging to contrast, breast imaging to OB/Gyn, volume imaging as well as stress echo, the ACUSON Antares system provides superior image quality and advanced workflow solutions.

Advanced Ergonomics
Advancements in ergonomics on the ACUSON Antares system improve ease of use as and operator comfort as it includes a high resolution, flat panel monitor with articulating arm. The system is inherently designed to improve clinical workflow and streamline the daily operations within your practice.

The open architecture of the system allows you to add most software applications as well as transducers and peripherals after installation, protecting your original investment and keeping you competitive in your marketplace.

Amnioscopic Rendering Interactive Image Library
Amnioscopic Rendering is an exciting new method that allows the user control over a light source illuminating even the darkest spaces of the uterus. See the most photo-realistic view of a fetus ever seen in an ultrasound exam.

fourSight™ 4D imaging technology
Provides real-time images of anatomical structures and pathological conditions displayed simultaneously in multiple spatial dimensions.

ACUSON Antares system – Clinical Application
The Antares system expands your range of clinical solutions with unparalleled imaging performance, case after case, across the spectrum of clinical applications:

  • 3D/4D Imaging
  • Abdomen
  • Breast
  • Cardiac
  • Contrast Agent Imaging*
  • Gynecology
  • Intraoperative
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Obstetrics
  • Pediatrics
  • Stress Echo
  • Testicular
  • Thyroid
  • Transesophogeal
  • Transcranial
  • Vascular

ACUSON Antares system – Operational
Stress-free scanning within your reach.
The ErgoDynamic design is engineered to deliver increased operator comfort, reduced downtime, and increased clinical efficiency.

  • Unique system design allowing easy access to transducers and peripherals
  • Height adjustable control panel with intuitive HomeBase layout to help minimize repetitive motions
  • High-resolution 19-inch flat-panel display
  • Articulating arm for flat panel display
  • Compact, lightweight system architecture
  • Lightweight transducers and cables reduce operator strain
  • Intuitive workflow to reduce keystrokes and repetitive motion
  • Hanafy lens transducer and Extend imaging technologies designed to reduce transducer pressure with technically difficult-to-image patients

Unparalleled efficiency- acquisition to archive.
The Antares system is designed to provide the workflow solutions needed to compete in today’s fast-paced clinical world.

  • Embedded DICOM
  • DICOM Structured Reporting for Cardiac, Vascular and OB/GYN
  • TEQ™ ultrasound technology
  • DIMAQ-IP integrated workstation
  • Onboard CD/DVD-R drive
  • syngo® US Workplace connectivity
  • syngo® Auto OB measurements
  • Image anonymization teaching file tool
  • System software security package to meet HIPAA guidelines

ACUSON Antares system – Technical Specifications
Superior image quality, patient after patient.

The excellent image quality of the Antares system provides increased diagnostic confidence across the full range of clinical ultrasound applications. Siemens’ focus on providing real solutions to each of your clinical challenges lets you do more, and do it better, with one state-of-the-art, highly adaptable platform:

  • Hanafy Lens Transducer Technology: Excellent imaging is achieved by creating a narrow, uniform slice thickness, enhancing performance in all imaging modes
  • MultiHertz™ multiple frequency imaging technology: Provides independent frequency selection eliminating the need to change transducers mid-exam resulting in reduced exam time and improved image quality
  • Advanced SieClear™ spatial compounding with Dynamic TCE™ technology: Provides unrivaled detail, contrast resolution, border definition, and speckle reduction in all tissue types
  • Breast Imaging Application with eSieTouch™ elasticity imaging and Fatty Tissue Imaging technologies: Elasticity imaging provides a live dual image display of standard B-mode image and elastogram; Fatty Tissue Imaging (FTI) improves detail and contrast resolution of fatty breast tissue
  • Advanced fourSight™ technology: Provides a complete 3D/4D solution, delivering streamlined, intuitive workflow and advanced acquisition, rendering, and post-processing tools
  • syngo® Auto OB measurements: Semi-automated measurement of four major fetal structures to reduce exam time and operator variability in measurements
  • Amnioscopic Rendering: A unique surface rendering mode using partial diffusion of light to display accurate, realistic representation of the fetus
  • syngo® Velocity Vector Imaging™ technology: Provides comprehensive 2D quantitative myocardial motion and mechanics
  • Clarify™ vascular enhancement technology: Improves image quality by reducing noise and clutter, preserving spatial resolution to increase diagnostic confidence and save time on image optimization
  • TEQ™ ultrasound technology: Reduces exam time and increases clinical efficiency by providing one-button patient specific image optimization for B-mode and spectral Doppler
  • Cadence™ contrast pulse sequencing technology*: Achieves unparalleled sensitivity to contrast agent signals for lesion detection and characterization


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