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    Siemens AXIOM-Artis dFC Cardiac Cathlab sys

    A-1 Siemens AXIOM-Artis DFC Cardiac Cathlab

    $29,000.00 $45,000.00

    Siemens AXIOM-Artis dFC Cardiac Cathlab
    Manufactured: 2005
    Software Version: VB23P
    Tube Manufactured: 2012


    Price F.O.B San Diego CA. $ 29,000 US 

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  • A-2 GE Voluson E8 BT16 Refurbished 2018

    GE Voluson E8 BT16 Refurbished 2018

    High Resolution LCD LED Display 23” inches
    Based on the Radiance System Architecture
    Advanced 4D
    HDlive* Silhouette
    HDlive* Flow

    Advanced VCI
    Advanced STIC
    Anatomical M-Mode
    Wide Sector
    Scan Assistant
    Electronic Height Adjustment
    Floating User Interface
    On Board Archive including Preview and Pre-selectionMode, BT Activation
    Recording Module SW-DVR

    • GE RAB6-D 4D Convex Transducer – NEW
      GE RIC5-9-D Transvaginal Transducer – NEW
      GE C1-5-D Convex Transducer – NEW
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    A-3 General Electric Voluson S8 BT16

    $33,000.00 $39,000.00

    GE Voluson S8 BT16  “Refurbished to New Factory Condition”

    3D/4D Activation, Advanced 3D/4D Package, HDlive, Advanced VCI, Singleview, STIC, TUI, Vocal II, Inversion, 4D Biopsy, B-Flow, XTD view, Elastography, Anatomical M Mode, Scan Assistant, IOTA LR2, Recording Module SW-DVR, IEC62359 Ed.2, BT Activation

    (1) RAB2-6-RS Bandwidth: 2 – 5 MHz New

    (1) C1-5-RS Bandwidth: 1.5 – 5 MHz New

    (1) IC9-RS Bandwidth: 5 – 8 MHz New

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    The BioSound Esaote MyLab 25 provides excellent image quality with sophisticated software and features. In combination with the high-level of performance in general imaging, the BioSound MyLab 25 covers and satisfies all clinical needs for a shared service portable ultrasound system. This portable ultrasound system incorporates a powerfully redesigned platform for general imaging and shared services, offering high performance and reliability in a compact and portable package.

    Applications:  Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Abdominal, Small Parts, Ob/Gyn and Cardiac

    • An optional lightweight battery
    • A redesigned, user-friendly ergonomic keyboard with extended control panel function.
    • 15″ high-resolution TFT LCD
    • Two active imaging probe connectors
    • Application-dedicated, extended bandwidth probes with innovative ergonomic shape (Appleprobes)
    • TEI® – Tissue Enhancement Imaging
    • XView – real-time adaptive noise reduction algorithm
    • M-View – image compounding
    • VPaneXtended field of view
    • Advanced OB/Gyn package:
    • Advanced vascular packages:
    • QIMT – Real time, radio frequency based CIMT measurement package
    • Transcranial Doppler, with reporting
    • Windows® platform
    • CD/DVD and USB 2.0 ports for transferring clinical data, PC Graphic standard and DICOM compliant


    Convex Probe CA123: 9 – 3 MHz

    Linear Probe LA523: 13-4 MHz

    Transvaginal Probe EC123: 10 – 9.3 MHz

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    GE AMX IV Refurbished

    GE AMX IV Refurbished

    $2,850.00 $5,500.00

    GE AMX IV Refurbished


    MX-75 275k HU X-ray tube with a  .75mm focal spot

    GE AMX-IV collimator

    High-quality image

    Forward and reverse variable speed

    Completely mobil

    Operates at full power with no  power connection

    24 kVp stations, 30 mAs stations

    100 mA constant, kVp 50 – 125

    mAs 0.4 – 320

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  • GE Brightspeed 16 Slice CT Scanner

    • Manufactured: 2006
    • Tube Type: Performix
    • Tube Installed: June 2018
    • Current Tube mAs: 5 million mAs
    • Very low used tube


    SmartPrep, Power440, 3000 Image Series, Direct-3D, Smart Speed, Helical Tilt, AutomA, 90kva, Direct-MPR, DataExport, copyComposer, VolumeViewer, AutoBone, CTPerfusion4Neuro, Connect Pro.

    Precio Incluye:

    Transporte a San Diego Ca.

    Embalaje del Equipo.

    Visita Preliminar para Instalación.

    Guías Mecánicas.

    Instalación del Equipo.

    Transporte de Tijuana a Destino


    Garantía de 30 días.

    Aranceles de Importación e Impuestos no están incluidos en el precio.

    Precio de la Tomografía F.O.B. San Diego CA.

    $ 115,000 Dlls.

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  • GE LOGIQ 7 LCD 2006

    Touch-screen interface – Power Doppler Imaging – M-Mode – High-resolution monitor, Hard drive storage – Digital Beamformer – Color Flow Mode (CFM) – Coded Harmonic

    Imaging – B-Mode – 3D-Mode – DICOM.

    • Convex probe  1.5-4.5 MHz
    • Transvaginal probe  3.5 – 11.5Mhz
    • Linear probe   4 – 11 MHz.
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  • GE LOGIQ 9 LDC 2007 with 3D/4D

    17″ high-resolution, monitor 10.4″ color LCD touch screen, Four active probe ports Integrated hard-drive, CD-R Drive, MO drive, Speakers and microphone, Cable management system, Integrated gel warmer,B-Flow, Coded Harmonics, Harmonic Angio, Anatomical M-Mode, Spectral Wave Doppler 3D/4D OPTION INCLUDED


    • Convex probe Frequency 1.5-4.5 MHz
    • Transvaginal probe Frequency 3.5 11.5Mhz
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  • GE Proteus X Ray 2012

    The Proteus XR/a is a full-featured radiography system designed to address nearly any clinical need. As a general purpose radiographic system, the Proteus XR/a offers broad clinical flexibility, excellent  image quality, dose efficiency, ease of use, and outstanding reliability, all at an affordable price.

    • Elevating, 4-Way Float Table
    • Front and Rear Positioning Pedal Controls with Safety Lock
    • Anti-Collision Sensor with Alarm
    • LCD Color High Resolution Touch Screen
    • Jedi Self-Calibrating Generator
    • Three Phase
    • Anatomical programming
    • Auto Collimators: Inboard Bridge with Proteus OTS (Overhead Tube Support),
    • Proteus Wall Stand with AEC (Auto Exposure Control)
    • 80 kW High Frequency Generator
    • 150 kVA
    • 100 Amp Max
    • 125 kV
    • 600 mA
    • Multi-size cassettes
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  • GE Vivid i

    GE Vivid i 

    GE Healthcare’s new Vivid i is the world’s first miniaturized cardiovascular ultrasound system to  provide high-performance, full-featured imaging in a lightweight design. Vivid i address one of the biggest challenges in cardiovascular care – access to complete, real-time diagnostic information. The new system expands the reach of echocardiography by offering all the functionality and high performance of full-featured premium scale systems – but in a completely portable and wireless design that weighs 30 times less.

    GE Vivid i Applications: Cardiac, Vascular, Abdominal, OB/GYN, Small Parts and Musculosketal.


    • Phased-array transducer technology for 2D, color and Doppler imaging.
    • Multiple focal zones help optimize image quality.
    • Extremely high frame rates, enhanced color flow and color angio
    • 5 levels of Coded Octave Harmonics
    • LVO contrast option
    • Triplex and duplex display capabilities
    • Full DICOM Connectivity
    • SmartStress
    • Coded Phase Inversion (CPI)
    • Automatic Spectrum Optimization (ASO)
    • Harmonics
    • Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI)
    • Tissue Tracking (TT)
    • Live Anatomical M-Mode


    • Cardiac probe adult 3S-RS: 1.5 – 4 MHz


    • Cardiac probe pediatric 10S-RS: 5 – 11.5 MHz
    • Convex Probe 4C-RS: 1.8 – 6 MHz
    • Linear Probe 8L-RS: 4 – 13 MHz
    • Endocavity Probe E8C-RS : 4-11MHz
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  • GE Voluson E

    GE Voluson E

    The GE Voluson e is an economy portable ultrasound machine that is a scaled down version of the Voluson-i. It still offers the best 4D image quality currently available in a portable machine but has less probes and features than the Voluson-i.

    Ultrasound Features and Specificities:

    • Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI)
    • CrossXBeam Imaging (CRI)
    • HD-Flow
    • 3D Multiplaner Display
    • Real Time 4D volume tools
    • Beta and Extended views
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Battery operation


    • Convex  2D 4C-RS  2 – 5.5 MHz
    • Convex  4D RAB4-8-RS  2 – 8 MHz  


    • Linear Probe 8L-RS: 4 – 12 MHz
    • Transvaginal Probe 2D E8C-RS: 4 – 11 MHz
    • Transvaginal Probe 4D RIC5-9-RS: 4 – 9 MHz
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